Vision & Mission Statement


To develop a Fair Trade “third place”, that is a place which brings together creative, motivated and skilled craftsmen from the 2/3rd majority world ie the developing world, and consumers who understand and committed to the concept of fair trade and compassion for the poor.

Our Core Values

* Honour God

  •   by being salt and light in our interactions with our Partners, Suppliers and Customers.
  •   by giving respect and being willing to hear the others opinion.

*Be a Voice for the Poor

  • by having an Online Fair Trade Store through which we peel back the injustices of poverty, sell products from developing countries and continue to raise awareness of fair trade and why we need it.
  • promote right riving, by understanding our actions impact others across the waters.

*Educate and Empower Individuals who have  heart for the poor and are willing to act on that desire

  •  by enabling the person at grass root level to do Fair Trade at home, work, community and church.
  •  giving a clear understanding of - Poverty, our Consumer power and our obligations to care for those who are in need

*Be willing to give great quality and excellence

  •  in our  products,
  •  service
  •  presentation
  •  research
  •  professionalism

" But whoever has the world's goods and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him? "                                                                                 1John3:17


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sari quilt red poppies
sari quilt red poppies