The Fairtrade Starter Pack

The Fairtrade Starter Pack helps you introduce Fairtrade to your friends, in a soiree setting  at home, community hall or  a group at church with a minimum of fuss. The idea of it being a soiree, is, to create a relaxed atmosphere, where people can mix socially, have fun, ask questions and enjoy the taste testing.
A full range of coffee, tea and chocolate is delivered to your door with information to help you get started. We include a short explanation for you to adapt as you wish, plus lots of simple facts and figures that verifies all the information.
You will find, as we have, that many people are appreciative to find out that they can make a difference to the lives of third world producers by buying Fairtrade, others are grateful know what is available and where else they can get their fraitrade products from.
Customer Testimony..
Hi Grant,
Just wanted to let you know that I think your $150 pack for people to advocate to friends and acquaintances with is a fabulous idea! I worked for World Vision in volunteer management a while back and I think this is one of the most accessible and innovative ideas for advocacy and volunteering that I've heard.
Look forward to purchasing through you again,
Bindy of Camberwell
Some Soirée Ideas for the use of the Fairtrade Starter Pack :-
  • Fair Trade coffee and dessert evenings at home or church
  • get togethers at playgroup or book club
  • girls time out
  • men's shed
  • church weekend away
  • church outreach events

Deeper action

  • Host a monthly stall at the back of your church. You would need church leadership approval for this.  This last action was a major part of the grass roots movement that transformed fair trade into a major market force in the UK!
  • Host a regular get together at your home, where you and your friends can continue to buy Fairtrade products
The pack includes
  • 9 Coffees, 7 teas and 5 chocolates
  • FREE 1 coffee, 1 tea and 1 chocolate, to serve as samples
  • Statistics and information to help you learn and share the value of Fairtrade.
  • Price lists to help you sell the products and recoup your outlay
  • Your Host Gift - two round holga grass table mats



The total value is $177 but you pay $149, plus postage.


Sometimes its perseverance...
We have found that many a work place and church, have changed to use Fairtrade products, because of one persistent enthusiast. Change always takes time; new ideas need breathing and thinking room,  so as to be understood and grow. You may be the first person to have introduced Fairtrade or you have introduced friends to another place where they can get their Fairtrade products.
Maybe you and a few friends can plan a gathering, together.
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed that's all who ever have.
Margaret Mead.
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