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Fair Trade Handicrafts Bangladesh

EMC (Sari Blankets) India

FHSL (Sri Lanka)

Kipepeo Kenya

Bombolulu Kenya

Inspirations Sri Lanka

They range from charities to ministries to micro-enterprises. Most pour much of their profits back into caring and doing grassroots work amongst some of the most marginalised of the poor. It is our privilege to speak regularly with some of the founders of these groups. Often they have started with nothing. In this, they embody the heart of fair trade principles, that give a hand up, not a hand out. One common hand spun thread, that runs through all our partners, is that they share a desire to see the poor given a ray of hope.

When choosing who we will partner with, we look first of all to their concern for the poor. Who do they employ? How do they employ? Are their wages fair? Do they have a safety net for the widow, the orphan? Where do the profits go? If all of the answers value people before profits, we can begin a relationship.

Beyond this, they must of course, produce quality goods of good design. We have a leaning towards western styles but encourage incorporation of indigenous fabrics and techniques. This has the double benefit of preserving ancient skills while giving the group a market edge, as they produce products unique to their culture.

Our dealings with each partner follow fair trade principles, such as 50% up front payments and building long term relationships. By this we can build an effective and dynamic market bridge.




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sari blanket country warmth
sari blanket country warmth