Fairtrade Fundraising

What better way to fundraise when showing our love for our neighbours is part of it. 

We currently have the Fairtrade Coffee fundraiser, the Father's Day fundraiser being out of stock.


Fairtrade Coffee Fundraiser

Tribes and Nations Fairtrade Coffee Fundraiser raises the ethical edge to your fundraising. By selling Fairtrade coffee in 250g bags you can:

  • spread the message of caring for the poor through Fairtrade
  • receive a healthy margin between 40-50% mark up.
  • enjoy the flexibility of ordering different grinds or whole beans to suit your buyers
  • will raise your ethical profile from words to an experience


The Fairtrade Coffee Fundraiser offer is only open to schools, clubs, churches and charity fundraising.

Running this fundraiser during one of these school weeks, parents will see the deeper side of your education program - 

·Book week

·Education week

·Autumn and Spring festivals

·Sustainability week

·Multicultural week or event

·Art exhibition

At Netball, football or soccer clubs, this fundraiser will help towards end of year gatherings, and again, reveal the ethical stance of your club.

At Church, it's easy:  here the church, actively remembers the poor through Fairtrade. You can run it at playgroups, bible study groups, and the open gatherings as a visible sign of loving the poor.



Our Fairtrade Coffee is fully accredited by the Fairtrade Labelling of Australia and New Zealand (FLANZ). Tribes and Nations have been members of Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) since 2005. We have are now in our 12th year of business.



Our price starts at $7.09 per bag (35% off) which will retail between $10- $15. A campaign of Fairtrade awareness would be the perfect partner for your efforts. We roast to order, so you also have the great marketing edge that this was roasted this week! 



Minimum order is 60 bags. You can choose from the Ethiopian Blend or Organic Honduras. It can be a mild or dark roast. You can choose some to be beans and rest ground.

Each pouch is 250g, which serves about 20cups of coffee. 

Please give us a minimum of two weeks notice, before your event.


Choice of Coffee

Your choice for your 60 coffees is from our range of single origin Honduran Organic Fairtrade coffee or the Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee.

 If your market is big enough, you may choose 60 from each variety.



  • Freight to your location will be charged at cost.
  • Please allow one week for delivery when ordering ( so you will need to give three weeks advance notice)

To buy this Fairtrade Coffee Fundraiser send an e-mail with any questions you may have to Grant on – grant@tribesandnations.com.au or call him on 02 4751 7071.


Father's Day Fundraiser (Out of stock sorry)

An aspect of the education we would like to see the next generation receive is to live sustainably and ethically. It follows that the gift they purchase for Dad comes from sources that reinforce this ideal.

Build the contents of this handmade pouch via our great range of chocolates, teas & quality leather keyring.

Visit the Father's Day details page here

Download the order sheet here


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