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Every May the opportunity to shed some light on justice in trade arises with Fairtrade Fortnight. The chance to spread the word that a great opportunity exists to make a vast difference by simply choosing Fairtrade products. As we choose fairtrade in our eveyday use, this small step is a big step for mankind.
Then coffee co-ops can pay their farmers well, then tea pluckers can actually speak to their bosses and cocoa farmers can farm with surety that next year's price will be good.
People putting people first, is always a blessing - to you and them.
Taking control of these trade deals is made simple for us in the west through the tighlty audited Fairtrade certification. Empowered shopping and conscience free eating and drinking are the greatest tools that Fairtrade gives us to use wisely and graciously. 
2016 - This year our fairtrade fortnight dates are 6 MAY - 22 MAY.
The call is to ' sit down with your cuppa and stand up for the farmer"

Fair trade is more than business, fair trade proves a successful companies put people first.

Fair trade products make you richer in experience and provide understanding and insight into cultures of different nations in Africa, Asia and South America

Fair Trade helps to ensure healthy and safe work environment and a fair price for producers work

Fair Trade creates development for the poorest in the 3rd world, and is a valuable contribution to living conditions, jobs and schooling for children.

" Job creators and innovators are just the key, and aid is just a bridge....a humbling thing was to learn the role of commerce" Bono ( U2 )
Here are some of the tools we have to celebrate and spread the message near and far. 
Be creative - choose a nation as a theme.
Decorate in their style- colourful fabric drapped over chairs, a cultural door entry decoration, a blessing
Cook some of their food - flat bread, homemade dips, homemade sweets - keep it simple
Use some of their cultural norms - wash hands on entry, sit on the floor on cushions, wear head scarves, wear saronds
Call in a couple of friends to help and have a great time sharing and enjoying each other while supporting and encouraging our neighbours across the waters.
Consignment, where you can receive over $1000 of Fairtrade goods, play shop for the day as you educate and give samples.
Fairtrade Starter pack, we send you $150 worth of coffee tea and chocolate to set up a tasting stall on your campus, in your office, at your church or at home.
Fairtrade Sampler Pack, which gives you a coffee and two teas and information in order to speak to a small group.
Our Fairtrade store where you can make your own personal dent by regularly buying our quality Fairtrade products.
All of the above come with great introductory information packs so that your gathering, be it large or small, will find you well prepared.
You may also like to avail youself of other information on our site such as:-

Our motivation for doing this is to make this world a little more equal. We have found many encouragements in the Bible to take care of the poor because they are God's children as much as we are. Our blessed place of living gives us a great chance to make this happen through the power of well chosen purchases.

Please do send us a photo of your event to share with others. Have a blessed day.


DIY Fair Trade

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Honduran Organic coffee subscription 250 g of 6 deliveries