Fairtrade Coffee and Tea Cart

Welcome to the Tribes and Nations Fairtrade Coffee and Tea Cart service where our professional Fairtrade coffee cartespresso machines and baristas combine with organic Fairtrade beans roasted especially for your day. Our cart comes ready to serve anything from a macchiato to a lush 30% cocoa hot chocolate or frothy double shot cappuccino with extra full cream milk! While enjoying this service our posters gently remind your guests that they can enjoy well because this coffee has paid the farmer a living wage!
Included in the following pricing is:-
Professional grinders and espresso coffee machine/s
Freshly roasted T&N single origin/blended coffee from the region of your choice
All accessories including jugs, shakers, lids etc.
All power needs like extension cords and connections
The full range of coffees and hot chocolates.
Sugar sachets, lids and stirrers
Full cream milk, Lite milk and Soy milk
Fully biodegradable BioCups in 8oz
From as little as $3.45 per espresso and 99 cents per tea you can sit back and relax knowing your guests have been well taken care of. E-mail or call Grant here grant@tribesandnations.com.au  on 4751 7071 with your dates and location to talk this through.
Here is what a standard day would look like for a Tribes and Nations Fairtrade coffee cart.
We arrive one hour before the event start time to prepare.Coffee cart side view
We will then set up our:- espresso coffee machine/grinder etc; tea service (if chosen) including hot water urn with a range of self serve herbal, black and green teas; milk, lids and sugar with small bins for rubbish.
We serve your guests one by one with hot espresso coffees and they help themselves to teas from our broad range or organic herbals, greens and standard (Black, English Breakfast, Earl Grey). Standard service includes the biodegadeable BioCups but if your location has short crockery cups or mugs we can use those.
Once the event is over we will take about 40 minutes to pack up and remove any rubbish we have contributed ourselves.

One barista $390 + $65 tea service which includes 100 coffees and 50 teas

(additional coffees and teas charged at $1.60 and $0.80 each respectively)

For a 2nd barista add $210 


One barista $690 + $99 tea service which includes 200 coffees and 100 teas.

(additional coffees and teas charged at $1.60 and $0.80 each respectively)

For a 2nd barista add $340.

  • If your guests number more than 150 and/or you need bursts of intense coffee service (e.g. morning tea at a conference) the 2nd barista is a good idea.
  • Should you be a community organisation and you have an experienced barista on hand, we would be happy to use their help instead.
  • Tea service is your choice to use or not.
  • If your event is more than 4 hours but less than 8 the hourly rate would be $99 p.h. for one barista and all the gear. Add $35 p.h. for the second barista.

  • Your coffee cart can be secured on paying a 30% deposit into our account. This is fully refundable should you cancel with reasonable notice. If you give less than 1 week's notice 10% of the total invoice will remain with us to cover our admin expenses.
  • Full payment must be made before the event date.
  • Additional cups are billed to you on the next business day. You will have 7 days grace to pay this amount.

  • All we need is a powerpoint that is on a circuit exclusive to us (i.e. so it does not compete with other 'electricity hungry' machines and potentially trip switches) and access to a tap.
  • If you would like us to work outdoors then a $50 gazebo charge applies.
  • Prices include travel in the vicinity of Parramatta to the Blue Mountains. Beyond this range we will charge $1 per kilometre return.

We had the privelege to barist at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort (left) and Sydney Hilton for the Green Cities Conference (right)



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