Fair Trade DIY Introduction.

Lets cause a sea of change.....

Fair trade is a forum for the everyday person to be involved in the reduction of global poverty.

In this day and age, the ethical lifestyle seems to be a big influence on the choices we make in what we buy and how we live. We value organic, home grown, conservation and recycling, which are key words in us learning to live sustainably. We have had people tell us this, in all different ways and forms over the years and now can see first hand, the difference it makes.


In all this Fair Trade seems to be the lesser known value in sustainability and we need to raise its profile for the good of the many living poverty and how we, here in Australia can be the difference. We our selves might not see the change first hand immediately, but we can vote ourselves, as those who brought change to those who really need it. Our reward will be given at eternity.

If you are not aware, the three known pillars’ of sustainability are -

"People"- pertains to fair and beneficial business practices toward labour, the community and region in which a company conducts its business. 

"Planet"- refers to sustainable environmental practices.

"Profit" - is not seen as the companies own profit, but what is the economic value created by the organization that has benefitted and enjoyed by the host society.

Fair Trade fit in neatly into these pillars and this is why we all need to speak up for the poor.

At this point,  your heart and understanding of fair trade is saying, yes,  Fair Trade  is a good thing. Now you might want to know how to move things forward in your school, church or workplace.

 Well, you have come to the right place, as this is Tribes and Nations speciality and point of difference! Our mission as a business is enabling you, our customer to take fair trade into all parts of your life, plus enabling you to share your journey of reducing Poverty and understanding Fair Trade with others.

We will help you share the need for just purchases with -

  • Simple introductory information on fair trade
  • Explanations and statistics to help you and your listeners understand the issues better
  • Low priced means to sampling Fairtrade coffee and tea
  • Ideas on how to communicate the need for Fair Trade

We have three packages..

1. The Fair Trade Starter Pack spread out a table full of Fairtrade goods so after your talk people can taste and buy Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate. This pack comes with the above information, free 250g coffee, packet of tea plus a DVD. Cost : $150 plus postage.

2.  The Fair Trade Consignment Get fair trade goods into the hands of your work or church friends. We take care of delivery and pick up (within Greater Sydney) and send you $700 worth of lovely handcrafts and $300 of coffee, tea and chocolate with a 10% discount to you when selling over $500 worth of goods.

3. Fairtrade Fundraiser Promote Fairtrade coffee while promoting the funds of your favourite charity or for your church. By buying 60 bags from any of our range you receive 30% off.


These simple packages are available for you to use, but you might have your own ideas and ways to bring about this sea of change. Fair Trade is a grass roots movement, where you can use your gifts and talents to further the cause, in places such as –

·          At home

·          Hospitality to neighbours and friends

·          Book clubs

·          Friendship groups

·          Craft groups

·          Men’s’ Shed group

·          Work place.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has” - Margaret Mead, Anthropologist.


If you need further help please call us on 02 – 4751 7071, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.

Kind regards,

Grant and Mignonne Murray.


DIY Fair Trade

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We Recommend

Earl Grey Organic  Fairtrade tea
Earl Grey Organic Fairtrade tea