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Tribes & Nations Fair Trade Store

Bringing Fairtrade coffee and tea to your kitchen, ethical gifts for your weddings and homewares of just provenance to your door!

Through this we hope to enable and support your Ethical and Just Life Style, while being a vocie for the poor through fair trade.

We are family business that was established in 2004. This came about after living in Tanzania for 5 years, with our then two small boys. It changed  our  thinking and style of living.

 We see poverty not just as a lack of income, but also a lack of choice and access to resources. Poverty also shows itself as lack of self-value (prostitution), promiscuity (HIV) and physical abuse (slavery). 

We also saw how a small change, such as paying a fair wage can bring about a big change to a person’s life.

It was Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. who said “before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world”. With that he reminded us that our much individualised western lives are still intimately connected with the people in our global village.

Our online fair trade store offers

  • a range of ethically sourced products
  • products of beauty and practicality,
  • friendly and efficient service, 
  • the 'T&N guarantee' of a FULL REFUND should your product be faulty in any way

Wherever possible our preference is for materials that rank high in sustainability -

We believe in Fair Trade, where people come before profit, where equality and fairness are a standard, all the while caring for the our one and only God given earth, and living as his disciple.

Tribes and Nations Speciality - Heart Call

If you would like to take things further we are here to enable you with this too. This is core to our hearts and our family business. We see this section as the 'seed sower' section, where we give you the seeds of change to sow far and wide, and you never know the good and love it brings, BUT you do know

“Every action in our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity “Edwin Hubbell Chapin

We have a range of kits that are easy to use and come  with information that can explain the benefits of fair trade in simple and straightforward language.

Kits like -

  • Seed Sower Consignment  to take fair trade products to your home, church or work
  • Winter Warmer promotion pack of coffee,  tea and information
  • Resource pages full of fair trade and poverty information
  • Starter Pack with a compact range of consumables and great information


In all we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions as we walk together on this road of caring for the poor through fair trade.

Grant and Mignonne Murray

(02 4751 7071) (email -


TRIBES AND NATIONS - enabling and encouraging people to live with others in mind, while crafting a life of meaning.




Great expectations...

In our last art and prayer group meeting we were given a bunch of words to reflect on.

The words that drew me were ‘life, expectation and uncertainty’.

Recently I had been looking at all the good in my life, what gives me life, and the prayer that followed, flowed. The next word I looked at was ‘uncertainty’.  Being in business, there has been a lot of uncertainty at times, which drew me to think, ‘what is certain in my life’. Thinking through this then writing and drawing it, gave me clarity.

 What took me by surprise was the word ‘expectation’!

What do I expect in life, of my family, my work, of myself?

This was like opening up a can of worms, thoughts went everywhere. The challenge was to ‘release expectations for a less anxious life ‘! This was an eye opener to realise some expectations were actual hidden agendas in life, causing unseen stress in my body, heart and mind! Physically writing these things down and drawing pictures, gave clarity. 

With Christmas just around the corner, I was faced to think, what the expectations were for our get together this year. When stopping to think, what society’s expectations are, what family expectations are, along with personal expectations! Well, I think you know the rest.

Thoughts for a calmer Christmas

  • What are your expectations?
  • Communication - releases a lot of the stress
  • Any family member who is not seen regularly, is this the best time for them to come? Maybe plan to have them over a few times during the year, so at Christmas you all have some common ground.
  • If you do invite a person who you don’t see regularly, make sure someone  will be beside them , to introduce and be the connexion point to the rest of the group
  • Lower your expectations
  • If by yourself, - enjoy the beauty of you! - enjoy your favourite food, drink, DVD, book, a walk, do something you always wanted to do! Prepare ahead
  • If by yourself -  talk to your friends, there is always someone who has some time on their own, invite them for fairtrade cuppa and cake
  • Slow down as a family, stroll to church if it’s not too far
  • Do a heartfelt activity that carries into 2017 


With Christmas on the horizon, please do visit us at these Fair Trade fairs

·         Wyong Baptist Church, 100 Alison Rd, Wyong. Central Coast   Sunday 6 Nov – 4-8pm - SUCCSESS

·         Springwood Uniting Church, Lewin St, Springwood.  Blue Mountains  Saturday 12 Nov 9 – 2pm - SUCCESS 

·         St Marks Anglican Church, 213 Auburn Rd, Yagoona.  Saturday 19Nov 7-9pm - Great Bunch once again!

·         Chatswood Christmas Fair Trade Fair, Victoria Ave, Chatswood.  Saturday 3 Dec 9 am – 4 pm. (near Westfield on the Mall)

  • Blackmores Twilight Ehtical and Charity Market - Warriewood, Thursday 8th Dec - 3,30pm - 7,30 pm


Fairtrade Gifts of Sharing

1. As a gift for the whole family to share and enjoy have a look at our new selection of distinctive Fairtrade Hampers.

Each hamper is individually created and delivered anywhere in Australia.  Please do leave time for delivery, especially to regional areas, OR if it has to be collected from the post office.

2. Another gift that will be shared and enjoyed for a whole year is our Fairtrade Coffee Subscription. Get your $29 sample pack to start it off.

Its December, where has the year gone!!! 

Its been busy for the last weeks sending out many hampers and pre orders of the Christmas Plum Pudding.

Both have been a success, to which we are grateful.

We will be closing on the 21 Dec - and returning on the 16th January. It will be the second time since starting this business, 11 years ago, we will be having a good long break.

I will be in touch soon, with more updates.

Many blessings

Grant and Mignonne