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Tribes & Nations Fair Trade Store

Bringing Fairtrade coffee and tea to your kitchen, ethical gifts for your weddings and homewares of just provenance to your door!

We are family business that was established in 2004. This came about after living in Tanzania for 5 years, with our then two small boys. It changed  our  thinking and way of living.

We see poverty not just as a lack of income, but also a lack of choice and access to resources. Poverty also shows itself as lack of self-value (prostitution), promiscuity (HIV) and physical abuse (slavery). 

We also saw how a small change, such as paying a fair wage can bring about a big change to a person’s life.

It was Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. who said “before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world”. With that he reminded us that our much individualised western lives are still intimately connected with the people in our global village.
Fairtrade gives us this connection. We receive goods in our hands that we don't produce ourselves to enjoy and in return our intentional way of living empowers another life.

We offer you ~

  • a range of ethical,organic and sustainably sourced products
  • products of beauty and practicality,
  • friendly and efficient service,
  • the 'T&N guarantee' of a FULL REFUND should your product be faulty in any way 

We value Fair Trade, where people come before profit, where equality and fairness are  standard, all the while caring for the our one and only God given earth, and living as His disciple.


Tribes and Nations Speciality - Store-in-a-Box

This is a core value to our family business. We see this section as the 'seed sower' section, where you can creatively engage your passion in caring for the poor. Its a system which enables you to take Fair Trade out to your family, church or workplace, without bearing the full cost. Its literally a Store-in-a-Box.

“Every action in our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity “Edwin Hubbell Chapin

We have a range of  Store-in-a-Box that would suit you, which are easy and user friendly

Store-in-a-Box  -

  • Seed Sower Consignment  to take fair trade products to your home, church or work
  • Winter Warmer promotion pack of coffee,  tea and information
  • Resource pages full of fair trade and poverty information
  • Starter Pack with a compact range of consumables and great information

Please do join us on this less travelled way of life.

Grant and Mignonne Murray

(02 4751 7071) (email -



          ~ a Fair Trade Store ~

where we value loving our neighbour

along with ethical and sustainable living




“Everyday choices

 ~ Everyday Fair Trade”

Every year 'Fairtrade Fortnight', Australia, usually is marked in May, but this year the Association has moved it to August. The new dates being 4th – 17th.

A small group of us Fair Traders and keen Supporters who live in and around the Blue Mountains are hosting an event called the ‘Fair Trade Bazaar’, at Glenbrook Hall, Glenbrook, which is the first stop up the Mountains’ about an hours’ drive from Sydney.

Our call is ‘everyday choice: everyday fair trade.

Fairtrade definitely fits into the walk of ‘loving our neighbour’ along with ethical and sustainable living. It is part of this value system of conscious living. 

We all enjoy products we don’t produce each day and we have come to understand fairly well that those people who do produce these good are not treated justly. 

Our desire is to commend Fairtrade to you and share how our choice of everyday goods being Fairtrade makes such a difference. We want everyone to realise by drinking Fairtrade tea or coffee you empower the life of another. Justice in action ~ in a cup of morning brew!

At our Bazaar you not only get to source your fair trade products, but also talk with us, face to face, ask your questions and share your fair trade story. Bring your thoughts and vision along so we can gather, share and grow.

Date – Saturday 12 Aug,

Time – 10 – 3pm

Place – Glenbrook Hall, Glenbrook (a banner will be visible from the highway)

Please do drop in, make it part of your day in the Blue Mountains.


If not maybe consider hosting your own event at home, work or school.

"Whether you are new to Fairtrade or are looking to get more involved, there are exciting and creative ways to inform your friends, family and community about Fairtrade and trade justice"  FTANZ

1. Celebrate, be creative; choose a nation as a theme.

  • Decorate in their cultural style - colourful fabric draped over chairs, an unsual door entry decoration
  • Cook some of their food - flat bread, homemade dips, homemade sweets - keep it simple
  • Use some of their cultural norms - wash hands on entry, sit on the floor on cushions, wear head scarves, wear sarongs

2. Organise a Fairtrade morning tea or bake sale

3. Host a Fairtrade coffee tasting session

OR Call in a couple of friends to brainstorm, help and enjoy while supporting and encouraging our neighbours across the waters.

Tribes and Nations Engaging Ways

  • Consignment, where you can receive over $1000 of Fairtrade goods, then set up a stall for the day as you educate and have samples for friend and family to ‘ taste and see’ it is good.
  • Fairtrade Starter pack, we send you $150 worth of coffee tea and chocolate to set up a tasting stall on your campus, in your office, at your church or at home.
  • Fairtrade Sampler Pack, which gives you a coffee and two teas and information in order to speak to a small group.
  • Our Fairtrade store where you can make your own personal dent by regularly buying our quality Fairtrade products