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Tribes & Nations Fair Trade Store

Bringing Fairtrade coffee and tea to your kitchen, ethical gifts for your weddings and homewares of just provenance to your door!

It was Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. who said “before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world”. With that he reminded us that our much individualised western lives are still intimately connected with the people in our global village.

Our purchasing habits can bring equality or poverty, just reward or grinding drudgery.  To make a positive impact we are here to streamline your endeavours with an accessible, online fair trade store that offers a range of ethically sourced products of beauty and practicality, with friendly and efficient service.

Our desire to offer you a change in your purchasing ability in our store will never come at the sacrifice of quality. We have partnered with skilled artisan men and women from many lands who work with hand and heart to give genuine value and durability.

We are confident enough in this to offer you the 'T&N guarantee' of a FULL REFUND should your product be faulty in any way

Wherever possible our preference is for materials that rank high in sustainability -


Heart Call -

If you would like to take things further we are here to help you with this too. We have a range of kits that are easy to use and come  with information that can explain the benefits of fair trade in simple and straightforward language.

Kits like -

  • Seed Sower Consignment  to take fair trade products to your home, church or work
  • Winter Warmer promotion pack of coffee,  tea and information
  • Resource pages full of fair trade and poverty information
  • Starter Pack with a compact range of consumables and great information


Our experience in the subcontinent and 5 years of living in East Africa motivated us to this end. It changed  our  thinking and living. We now seek to share our story by enabling and encouraging a 'Just Life Style ' through this store.  We see poverty not just as a lack of income, but also a lack of choice and access to resources. Poverty also shows itself as lack of self-value (prostitution), promiscuity (HIV) and physical abuse (slavery). We also saw how a small change, such as paying a fair wage can bring about a big change to a person’s life.

If you want read a book or checkout some inspiring websites  or to know more of our thinking,  please  go to our Fair Living section.

In all we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions as we walk together on this road of caring for the poor through fair trade.

Grant and Mignonne Murray

(02 4751 7071) (email -


TRIBES AND NATIONS - seeking to live with the poor in mind through fair trade


Enjoy and make the most of our clearance sale..for the months of July and August.


One another....

I read this bookmark quotation this morning and felt very encouraged.

-       Let us meet with one another ( Heb 10:25)

-       Let us encourage one another (Heb10 : 25)

-       Forgive one another  (Col 3:13)

-       Build one another up  (Rom 15:2; 1Thess5:11)

-       Serve one another in love  (Gal 5:13)

-       Bear one another’s burden  (Gal 6:2)

-       Be kind and compassionate to one another  (Eph 4:32)

-       Love one another  (Rom 12:10)

-       Have equal concern for one another  (1Cor 12:25)

-       Offer hospitality to one another  (1 Pet 4: 9)

-       Administer God’s kindness to one another  (1Pet 4:10)

-       Pray for each other (James 5:16)

It is an amazing feeling when we lift our eyes onto others, how much more life make sense.


Operation Christmas Child Shoebox gift.

We went to the launch of Operation Christmas Child 2016 on saturday  and found it very encouraging.

They have a shoebox starter pack which has a few items made under fair trade thoughts which was heartening. The small carry bags have been sewen by the older children at Children's Organisation in Cambodia. The face washer has been hemmed by them and the assembly of the skipping rope that is in the pack, has been done by them too.

As you get your Operation Christmas Child shoebox ready , do consider this starter pack, which was $6, along with our fair trade goods, which are on sale right now.

Make your shoebox a fair trade one, where you enable the poor of one country, love and support the poor of another country.


We also have new products coming in each week from now.

Products to make your home cosy, welcoming and a retreat.

The soy candle holder below is called 'abundance', to remember all the good we have in our lives.

Many Blessings,

Grant and Mignonne