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Consignments for home, church or work events.

Hosting a Tribes and Nations consignment is about connecting with your neighbours here while loving your neighbour overseas. Share your common concern for the poor while explaining one effective way of bringing good into their lives - through fair trade.

This 'event of connection' would involve:-

·   activities and a talk on developing world culture, poverty and the fair trade answer

·   sampling Fairtrade coffee tea and chocolate

·   the chance to buy quality, ethically sourced gifts, homewares, coffee, tea and chocolate.


Our package includes everything you need to make this event happen such as: –

·       Flyer and announcement ideas

·      one free:- coffee; tea and chocolate for sampling

·       posters and information on some of the people that made these products

·       easy reconciliation at the end of the event

By running a consignment you can:-

·       benefit the producers

·       understand a little more about their lives

·       introduce Fairtrade to your friends/colleagues

·       enjoy a fun evening of new cultural understandings with coffee and tea tasting

·       begin the fair trade habit for some

PLEASE NOTE that this consignment in NOT intended as a fundraiser but is a FAIRTRADE awareness raiser.

For more detais on the consignment call Grant on 02 4751 7071 or send an e-mail to –


Running a consignment would look something like this: –

·       Fill in the simple one page consignment form which mostly deals with timing of the event, who is Fair trade consignmentresponsible and how will you pay.

·       design your email or leaflet or announcement from our simple suggestions and advertise away

·       receive from us $300 worth of consumables (non-returnable) and $800 plus of quality handcrafts

·       put together a small talk from our notes and partner information that share some of the benefits that the people on the ground received from the sale of these goods

·       Enjoy a time of fun, information and tasting Fairtrade coffee and tea (one packet of each supplied free) in your setting.

·       Pack up the goods and send them back to us (if outside of Greater Sydney/Canberra) or call us to pick up the remaining handcrafts.

·       We will account for all the products and let you know of any outstanding amounts.


Customers testimony..

"Thanks so much for making the process so easy. "     Lisa . Melbourne, VIC

“it was surprisingly simple and easy. We sold nearly everything. It was great way of engaging with people”                     Fiona, Willoughby, NSW

"..this whole process has been so easy... I will definitely do this again in the future" 

Lea, Merrylands, NSW



Who takes care of /pays for delivery of the goods?

  • We deliver the products to your door (free of charge).
  • At the end of the event, within Greater Sydney/ACT we will have the goods picked up by our courier at our expense.
  • Outside of these areas we ask you to send them back via registered post then call or email to let us know they are on their way.


Do I receive any discount?

  • When you sell more than $300  minimum of handcrafted goods in total you receive a 10% discount. I.e. 10% of $300 is $30.
  • The $300 worth of consumables comes with a free fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate
  • Greater Sydney/ACT; Delivery and returns are covered by us.
  • Regional and Intersate; we send it to you at our cost, and ask you to pay the return cost via registered post.
  • You receive free information notes to help you with your event


Do I have to pay upfront for the goods?

In order to confirm that you are committed in going ahead with the consignment we will need a $300 payment via either PayPal, credit card or eft into our account.

Once the goods are returned we will send you an invoice and settle the outstanding amount.





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