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craft basket honeysuckle
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craft basket honeysuckle

Price $25.00


A light fun retro looking, open craft basket, oval in shape,  braided in jute, with embossed flowers and leaves to keep on your knees while being creative, when watching TV or listening to music and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of Fairtrade Tilka leaf tea.

Measurement .... 30 x 20 x 12

Relax and Unwind by learning to knit a dish cloth 

You can find lots of free and easy patterns available online....check to see if you like one.






Made in Bangladesh - Corr The Jute Works - A trust of Caritas - steadfastly working to empower the down-trodden rural women artisans all across Bangladesh by providing them with earning opportunity through TRADE JUSTICE thus tho live a life of dignity. A Fair Trade house of quality craft.

CORR-The Jute Works (CJW), a registered Fair Trade Trust in Bangladesh for producing and marketing handicrafts, was incepted in September, 1973.  It is also a pioneer member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), previously known as IFAT. The initial aim was to provide rural marginalized women with work at home. The goal was not only to rehabilitate the women, but to create sustainable development with their family. CORR  The Jute Works has provided the means for income generation for these groups of women through the production of handicraft items made out of a locally available raw material such as jute, grass, leaf, cane, bamboo and clay . During its 40 plus years journey, CORR The Jute Works has greatly assisted the socio-economic condition of poverty-stricken rural women artisans. The organization has a well-defined mission, vision and philosophy and now has 23 production areas in different areas of Bangladesh. Products are being exported to Europe, America, Australia and Asia.