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Fairtrade Coffee and Tea Sampler Pack

Fairtrade Coffee and Tea Sampler Pack

Price $23.00


Fairtrade Sampler Pack $23 plus post

Get a Fairtrade conversation started at home or work with these two popular Fairtrade certified products. Two contrasting coffees are prodvided to cover different tastes. These can make up to 80 coffees. The tea lovers will be tempted to the full range of herbals, green and green blends plus of course a conventional black tea.

Our informations sheets will give you a starting point for a talk or discussion as you sip.

Ideal for a gathering of 10 to 30 people.

 The full kit includes:-

  • Information sheets - to raise discussion
  • Two 250g plunger/stove top ground coffees
  • One English Breakfast pack of tea
  • 12 sachet teas including black, greens and herbals

For the sake of giving you a good range with one click and at great value we have not included chocolate in this mix. You may like to add some drinking chocolate or 100g bars by clicking here or by going the the Fairtrade Chocolate section.


Many people in Australia have yet to make the connection that our part in international trade is not always beneficial to the producer and at times can be the very thing that brings poverty. Your effort in inviting a friends or colleagues to a tasting may be their first step in making their part in trade beneficial to the most vulnerable in the chain.  The coffee and tea enclosed will also help them to know that they need not compromise on taste to make this stand.