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Colombian Instant Fairtrade Coffee 1kg

Colombian Instant Fairtrade Coffee 1kg

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Full flavoured high grade Colombian Fairtrade Instant Coffee in 1kg foil pouch. This Colombian instant provides real value for money as it is stronger than the average coffee and thus needs only a half teaspoon for most coffee drinkers. It is rare as instants go, being produced solely from Arabica beans where most instants are made from the lower grade Robusta bean.
It has been produced in the factory owned by the members of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia.

“Our motto: First the coffee grower, then the rest “ FNC    

“As the representative of Colombia's more than 500 thousand coffee growing families, the FNC condemns all forms of child abuse, exploitation or labour that compromise the emotional development, health, or education of children. This is why, for over 89 years, the federation has developed investment programs that stimulate children's access to education, knowledge transfer from generation to generation, and social equity.”

“Colombian coffee exports reached a record 9.9 million 60-kilo bags in 2013, a near 35% increase from the year prior, according to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. And all that extra coffee is of the fancier Arabica kind, which isn’t terribly easy to come by these days. Colombia is the world’s third largest coffee exporter (behind Brazil and Vietnam), and the largest producer of high quality Arabica beans.”

This sort of value adding is exactly what will bring great export revenues to developing world nations. 

  • This bulk pack of Fairtrade Instant Coffee is very popular with Churches.
(Please note - price increase due to supplier increase)

This is comes under Tribes and Nations Label. FLO ID 5324

Tribes and Nations, is committed to empowering lives through Fairtrade. (2Cor8:13)

Coffee: Traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards Total 100