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beeswax wrap (set of 4)
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beeswax wrap (set of 4)

Price $45.00


The reverberation from the ‘War on Waste’ has touched me on two things -

·         The use of the toothbrush

·         The use of cling film at home

The eco toothbrush that is available, I am not too fond of. When I used them about two years ago, I felt it didn’t do the job well enough but the solution to not using cling film was right in front of me.

I had already bought a set of Beeswax Wraps about a year ago, using them when remembered but now this was something I could take a hold off for the great good.

With this in mind, I made my  pledge of trying not to use plastic cling film but to use these Beeswax Wraps for the next year. (I am hoping by then my habit will have changed fully to stop using cling film all together)

This has now encouraged me to make them available for you here at Tribes and Nations. I know many eco stores have them but I also know not many of you in regional areas are able to access them. Yes, they aren’t Fair Trade, but they are Australian Made, which fits into our values of living ethically.

 “All Honeybee Wraps are made with 100% organic cotton infused with a special blend of local organic beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, jojoba oil and natural tree gum products which have antibacterial properties.”

“Our beautiful wraps are made here in our little studio in Byron Bay Australia. We only use certified organic quality cotton”


Kitchen Starter Pack - Set of 4

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen! Perfect for storing all types of fruit, veggies, snacks or lunches. Great for covering salad bowls, fermented food or platters at your next BBQ. The kitchen collection pack has many versatile sizes to use and they look fantastic in the fridge.

You will receive: 1 x Extra Large (47cmx40cm), 1 x Large (34cmx33cm), 1 x Medium (28cmx29cm), 1 x Small (19x20cm)..

Care – rinse clean with warm water, when necessary, otherwise in cold water.

I left mine to air for a day, before putting it away or reusing it.


Waste-free, plastic-free, reusable, non-toxic, sustainable storage


Please note: Fabric designs are subject to change